Step Into My Parlor…

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My Kickstarter campaign to launch the over-the-top steampunk superhero novel “Lightning Lord and the Duplex of Death!” was more than 300% funded! Thank you to everyone who pitched in! The sexy duke’s first adventure is now available here.

I currently have 2 stories awaiting their fates in various slush piles.

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Enjoy your stay!

2 thoughts on “Step Into My Parlor…

  1. Dear Shenoa, your stories are absolutely incredible, and I have enjoyed them thoroughly.
    My favorite is quite simply the first one I found from you, “The secrets of the seven symphonies circus” you painted a picture in my mind. Thank you for your incredible work.
    Having learned about your only recent publishing after writing for so long, it inspired me to pick up the pen and papers, and finish the stories that I had given up on so long ago, and chase my dream to also be a published writer. Thank you for rekindling a broken dream! Good luck in your journey and do please continue the incredible work. yours truly: +)illon Rogers.

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