Fidgett & Klein Mysteries

Set in 1880’s London, this occult detective mystery series follows amateur sleuths Jeremiah Fidgett and Sanderson Klein as they attempt to debunk superstitions and come to grips with the truths that go bump in the night.

First installment: The Widow’s Painted Room

A wealthy widow has disappeared and despite the lack of suspects and a run-in with Miss Adelaide Grace, spiritualist extraordinaire, Fidgett and Klein are on the case.
Their first clue? Someone has painted over the missing woman’s yellow wallpaper.

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The Widow's Painted Room


Second installment: The Flaming Priest of Dunwhale

Fidgett & Klein take a relaxing holiday to the tiny town of Dunwhale, whose church seems haunted by the flaming spectre of its devoted (and dearly departed) priest. No rest for the wicked, they say, and no day off for the curious!

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